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Farah’s passion for taking action and finding solutions extends from local urban communities to mentoring young women and girls, to providing medical resources and food for third world countries.

From early childhood, Farah Zulaikha has traveled the world with her family, in what would become a lifelong culmination of grassroots charity endeavors. These charity missions consisted of Farah and her family visiting remote areas of the world, in an effort of humanitarian outreach to aid those in the most dire of conditions, many whom had never received modern medical attention in their lifetimes. Farah’s family (headed by her father, a prestigious board certified medical doctor practicing in the US for over 20 years) would set up a makeshift camp center for weeks in the local area. Daily tasks would include distributing free medicine and offering medical care including electrocardiograms, stress tests, insulin tests, checkups, first aid and x-rays to hundreds of patients daily. A unique aspect of these missions would entail living and connecting on a personal level with the locals while learning local dialects, something Farah credits as a deep influence in her life particularly during her formative years. Farah has stated,

“Part of providing care is an aspect of empathy and dignity. It’s inherently wrong to treat someone, especially a patient who comes to you for help, as someone who is inferior or someone who is deserving who is deserving of your pity. In order to provide the best care, we must understand those which we seek to care for on a plane of sincere equality. We must let them know that we are all the same, and that we want to know their story. The most complete care also includes connecting on a human level and healing the soul.”

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