Farah Zulaikha Takes A Second Supermodel Turn As Muse For “America’s Next Top Model” Judge & Iconic Photographer Fadil Berisha!

As I discussed in a prior post, it seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime dream turned reality to sit for one of the greatest photographers of all time and foremost authority on modern beauty Fadil Berisha. After all, as Official Photographer of brands such as The Miss Universe Pageant and ROLEX and gigs like judging the wildly popular “America’s Next Top Model” the Fadil Berisha “stamp of approval” is highly sought after by beauties from every part of the globe. Therefore I was FLOORED when I got a call to sit for the fantastic Fadil Berisha once again at the world famous Fadil Berisha Studios NYC. Fadil and I created art with a vision that was uniquely his own blending a mix of industrial “Mad Max-esque” raw dark beauty with classic black and white elegance. It was an immense honor to inspire one of the most legendary names to have ever picked up a camera and the results were nothing short of phenomenal. Thank you to all who made this opportunity possible and thank you to the wonderful Fadil Berisha for your talent and for seeing something special about me! XOXO, FAFA

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