VICTIMS NO MORE! Turning Human Trafficking Survivors Into CEOs With The Farah Zulaikha Microenterprise Assistance Program For Survivors Of Human Trafficking In Partnership With The Safe Port Initiative!

SLAVERY DID NOT END IN 1865- IT IS ALIVE & WELL IN THE FORM OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING. It is happening all over the world INCLUDING RIGHT HERE IN THE USA IN PLACES LIKE LAS VEGAS, MIAMI & OUR OWN BACKYARDS- this is not just a “3rd world” problem it is pandemic & a global human rights issue! I advocate many causes mostly dealing with human rights violations & civil rights- at the crux of my activist’s heart is one of the toughest & most evil truths I have ever had to contend with.

AS HUMAN BEINGS, WE ARE THE ONLY SPECIES ON THE PLANET WHICH WILL ENSLAVE & SELL OUR FELLOW SPECIES. No other animal does this. After YEARS of putting my heart/soul into working with survivors of domestic violence & human trafficking I wanted to do MORE than just donate, MORE than just talk. In association with The Safe Port Initiative (a registered 501c3 leading organization which combats human rights violations in many areas) I funded & launched “The Farah Zulaikha Microenterprise Assistance Program” a full-on residential non-profit rescue-rehab-educational track which in three phases TAKES SURVIVORS OF SEX TRAFFICKING TO CEOS OF THEIR OWN BUSINESSES. We could keep raising money, keeping these brave survivors dependent after their harrowing ordeal- or we could GIVE THEM THE TOOLS MENTALLY, SOCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY & ACADEMICALLY TO GAIN CONTROL OVER THEIR LIVES & A SENSE OF PURPOSE/SOVEREIGNTY WHICH HAD BEEN SO CRUELLY DENIED TO THEM!

After extensive support & counseling for mental/physical/emotional/social well-being we allow survivors to complete their GED in order to go on to Phase 2, where survivors take college courses in basic business principles such as marketing, economics, etc. Upon successful course completion, survivors go on to Phase 3 in which WE GRANT OUR SURVIVORS W/A NO INTEREST 2-10% MICRO LOAN TO START THEIR OWN BUSINESS & TO BE PAID BACK ON A PERCENTAGE BASIS ONLY WHEN IT GENERATES INCOME. Our survivors are given the best care & support via periodic progress reports/meetings, tutoring sessions & mentorships. We can cry for the things that have happened or we can STAND UP & FIGHT BACK! THANK YOU FOR RESISTING SEXUAL SLAVERY, UNTIL WE ALL ARE FREE! WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCE WE CAN TRIUMPH IN THE NAME OF ADVERSITY! It is my sincere honor to offer this opportunity to survivors of human trafficking, in the hope that each one can overcome the evil inflicted upon them.


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